• Fire Suppressant
    We provide fire suppressant chemicals and services to prevent self-combustion of coal in its stockpiles and during delivery. This helps in prolonging the storage life of the coal. DMM provides the chemical itself and also deals with the implementation of said chemicals using our own water trucks and fire extinguisher specialists.

  • Water Treatment
    As appointed Partner for GE Water Processing and Technologies, DMM is dedicated to the application of environmentally-friendly chemicals to treat post-production coal drilling. The coal production process does not only affect the soil being exploited, but it also heavily affects the water that flows through or out of the coal pit. Most water produced in the coal mining area is channeled to the river, with public access. Problems such as: (1) High TSS ratio, (2) Imbalance pH level, (3) High concentrate of Fe and Mn, can be treated with appropriate and highly effective methods and chemicals provided by DMM.

  • Shuttle Bus
    DMM provides an efficient and cost-effective shuttle bus service for our clients. Running a shuttle bus system can be challenging and time-consuming for even the biggest operations. Passengers demand punctually, comfort, and cleanliness. This is exactly what DMM provides, without compromising our service's efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We deliver the highest level of safety and comfort, while also making sure our passengers are delivered on time, everyday, with fewer hassles.

  • Light Vehicles (LV)
    DMM provides Light Vehicle transport services for services outside the mine pit. Currently, we operate and manage 34 units of Light Vehicles, putting emphasis on these machine's maintenance and management of our drivers' schedules. We also operate our own workshop to properly service our vehicles to the highest standard as required by our clients.

  • Dust Control
    Difficulty with dust in the coal mining process appears during post-production and in the hauling road. DMM supplies chemicals for reducing the dust in conveyors, stockpiles, shipments and road hauling and also the application of said chemical.

  • Oil Lubricant
    We provide many different grades and types of oil lubricants for maintenance and service of our clients' heavy duty equipment and machinery.

We always provide the best products and services for our clients to fulfill their needs and preferences.